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Written By on July 21, 2022 — Medically Reviewed By Kris Ceniza (PT)

Written by on July 21, 2022 — Medically Reviewed By: Kris Ceniza (PT)

In all my years as a physical therapist, I’ve hardly seen a natural treatment relieve knee joint pain as fast as a knee sleeve can. The compression can ease symptoms in practically anyone – athletes, chronic pain patients, and everyone in between. (1)

It’s also an incredibly cheap and safe treatment. The downside? Most sleeves stretch out after 2 weeks and can’t seem to stay in place. That’s until I stumbled upon the ArmaJoint sleeve – I’ve recommended it to my patients ever since.

So, here’s my ArmaJoint knee compression sleeve review. Check it out to learn if this garment can help you too. These are the topics covered – tap on any of them to go to that section:

What is the ArmaJoint Knee Sleeve?

The ArmaJoint sleeve is a compression garment that can ease knee pain and inflammation. It’s a minimalistic, affordable, and natural option with tons of evidence backing its benefits. (1)

This sleeve is made of an elastic fabric blend that provides the healing properties of compression. It also has anti-slip silicone strips which help keep the garment in place.

Here’s an overview of the ArmaJoint Knee Sleeve:

  • Name and Brand: Knee compression sleeve by ArmaJoint.
  • To whom is this product most effective?: For mild to moderate knee arthritis pain caused by fresh or chronic injuries, and for injury prevention.
  • Who does this not work for?: Doesn’t work for moderate to severe stability problems, for targeted tendon compression, or for decompressing the knee joint.
  • Does it offer great value for money?: Definitely. Costs like an average sleeve but withstands daily use without losing elasticity.
  • Where is the best place to buy it?: Directly on their website (

Our rating: 9.8/10

Save 25% off when you buy 2, and 35% off when you buy 4. Worldwide free shipping!


  • Ideal for daily knee support.
  • Thin and breathable fabric.
  • Insanely comfortable and soft.
  • Allows full range of motion.
  • High-quality materials for maximum durability.
  • Doesn’t bunch up or cut circulation.
  • Stays in place.


  • Doesn’t have a knee cap hole.
  • Not suitable for those allergic to nylon or spandex.
  • Only one color option.

How does the ArmaJoint Knee Sleeve work?

Uniform compression to relieve knee pain.

The compression improves the blood flow in the area. This in turn keeps the joint warm and reduces pain and inflammation, without restricting the range of movement. That’s why it’s a great option for athletes and non-athletes alike. (1, 2)

But apart from easing symptoms, compression also provides a sense of security, much needed in chronic conditions like knee osteoarthritis.

So much so, that sleeves are considered an efficient and natural alternative to quickly relieve knee pain in wear and tear patients. (3)

Learn more: 5 evidence-based benefits of knee compression sleeves.

Breathability and comfort to get these benefits for as many hours as possible.

This sleeve is both breathable and lightweight. So, those days of uncomfortable sweating on the back of your knee will be behind you.

Knee Force Knee Sleeve

As for the fabric blend, it practically guarantees comfort. It’s also what makes it way more durable than the average sleeve.

Save 25% off when you buy 2, and 35% off when you buy 4. Worldwide free shipping!

ArmaJoint Knee Sleeve’s notable features

It’s soft and breathable yet exceptionally durable.

The fabric is a blend of 60% nylon, 30% elastic, and 10% spandex. These materials are extremely popular in high-quality sports clothing, and for a reason – nothing comes close to their versatility.

They are soft, lightweight, and have better moisture-wicking capabilities than polyester. (4) This means your knee won’t get all sweaty regardless of what you do. And, you’ll probably forget you have it on – I know I did.

All this while being way more durable than average. Both nylon and spandex are incredibly resilient materials that can withstand daily use without losing their compressive properties. (4)

Firm grip that’s also gentle on the skin.

This one was a game-changer for me, as my skin gets irritated just by looking at it. I’ve tested many compression sleeves with aggressive strips that leave rashes and even blisters after wearing them. Not worth it, much less for daily use.

That’s why it was so refreshing to wear the ArmaJoint sleeve. The silicone strips do what’s intended – keep the sleeve in place. They don’t cut circulation either, so it’s extremely comfortable to wear all day.

Not bulky, which gives movement (and wardrobe) freedom. 

Another benefit of this fabric blend is how thin it is. You’ll get all the benefits of compression while having your full range of motion.

This lack of bulkiness also makes sure you can wear it under almost any type of clothing. No need to compromise your looks to help heal your injured knees.

How to wear the ArmaJoint Knee Sleeve

Just put the ArmaJoint sleeve on like a sock, slipping it all the way up to your thigh. It should cover your entire knee. If you’re new to knee sleeves, do this while sitting for more comfort.

Now, if the compression sleeve is rolling down shortly after putting it on, don’t panic. Try cleaning the skin with alcohol to remove any trace of sweat or oil. Dabbing some water on the silicone strips can improve their grip as well.

But to prevent this, take the time to choose the right size first – the sleeve is supposed to be tight, but not constricting. Now, ArmaJoint offers 4 sizes (from S to XL) according to your knee circumference, with one color option (black).

Where can I buy the ArmaJoint Knee Sleeve?

Go directly to their website, That’s the cheapest and safest place to buy these sleeves.

You can buy one at full price, or a pair with a 25% discount. Going for the 4-sleeve package offers the best deal, with 35% off.

Don’t worry about the shipping, as it’s free worldwide. Yes, worldwide. And, buying through their website also makes sure you can use their 30-day return policy if needed.

Save 25% off when you buy 2, and 35% off when you buy 4. Worldwide free shipping!

Will you benefit from using the ArmaJoint Knee Sleeve or not?

The ArmaJoint knee sleeve is ideal for anyone wanting to reduce pain and inflammation quickly and naturally. Like those with chronic knee conditions or recovering from a knee injury. It can help prevent injuries in athletes and people with physically demanding jobs as well.

But, this garment won’t be the best choice for people needing specific features, such as:

  • Enhanced stability. The compression can add a bit of support, but may not be enough for moderate or severe ligament problems. A knee brace with hinges will be better.
  • Targeted compression. Like the one needed for patellar tendon problems. It may be best to try a patellar tendon strap instead.
  • Knee joint decompression. Patients with unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis may be better off with an unloader knee brace.

Alternatives to the ArmaJoint Knee Sleeve

  • Cocoon Knee Flex Pro – This compression knee sleeve also provides 360° of hot/cold therapy. Ideal for maximum and convenient pain relief.
  • Braceability Patella Stabilizing Knee Brace – It stabilizes not only the patella but the entire knee. Perfect for those needing joint stability.
  • Crucial Compression Knee Sleeve– Solid budget option to get you out of the woods. It comes in pairs, but the fabric isn’t as durable. The silicone can be aggressive on the skin.


How long should you wear a knee compression sleeve?

Fresh and chronic injuries will benefit from wearing a sleeve for a long period, but take it off before going to bed. If you want injury prevention, wear it during physical activity only.

Are knee sleeves good for knee pain?

Yes, sleeves can provide knee pain relief for most people due to their compressive properties. (1, 2, 3)

Knee Force Knee Sleeve

Do knee compression sleeves weaken knees?

Soft knee compression sleeves (like ArmaJoint) won’t weaken your knee joints by themselves, as they don’t restrict your range of motion. But lack of exercise can.

My verdict: ArmaJoint created the best knee sleeve for everyday use.

The benefits of sleeve compression are universal – practically anyone can benefit from it. The blood flow boost it provides can aid muscle recovery, reduce pain, and manage inflammation regardless of your knee problem.

But the biggest challenge is finding a sleeve that you don’t have to replace every other week. ArmaJoint gives you exactly that – high-quality materials to take care of your knee, while you live your life on YOUR terms.

However, remember that knee braces are aids – they aren’t standalone treatments. They can’t replace physical therapy or your prescription medication, but they definitely make life easier.


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