Best Knee Brace For Chondromalacia Patella

Top 7 knee braces for chondromalacia patella – get rid of the pain and grinding sensations with one of these!

Chondromalacia patella is a common overuse injury of the knee joint. Here, the patella cartilage wears over time, causing general knee pain and swelling in some people.

So, the best knee brace for chondromalacia patella must reduce knee pain. Several designs can achieve this.

For example, knee sleeves reduce knee pain and swelling effectively. They’re perfect for managing chondromalacia patellae pain on a daily basis.

Straps are best for shock absorption. This is ideal for people with chondromalacia patellae caused by runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, or patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS).

And, hinged knee braces add stabilization. They’re best for people with severe symptoms or ligament issues.

It’s a lot, but don’t worry – this list of 7 knee braces for chondromalacia patella will help you nail down which design fits your needs, priorities, and budget best!

Our Top Picks:

Best overall: BraceAbility Patella Stabilizing Chondromalacia Knee Brace

This chondromalacia patella support was specifically designed for this injury. Its kneecap hole has a unique U-shaped buttress to relieve pressure from the tendon as well.

Best for recovery: MyCocoon Hot and Cold Knee Compression Sleeves

It’s a compression knee sleeve that’s also a hot and cold pack. It will reduce pain while providing compression to decrease swelling. This is one of the best knee braces we’ve seen.

Best value for money: Bodyprox Patella Tendon Knee Strap

This knee strap acts as a shock absorber. It provides a targeted compression that can give immediate relief in mild or moderate cases of chondromalacia patellae. Plus, it comes in pairs.

Best for Sports: Incrediwear Knee Sleeves

There are very few brands that have peer-reviewed studies to back their claims. Incrediwear is one of them.

Best for compression: PentagonFit Knee Sleeves

Designed with the military in mind, these sleeves offer excellent compression for both pain and inflammation relief.

Comparison of 7 knee braces for chondromalacia patellae

1. BraceAbility Patella Stabilizing Chondromalacia Knee Joint Brace

This chondromalacia patella brace was specifically designed for treating this injury.

Comfort and Stability

Its open patella design will fit firmly around your kneecap, letting the damaged cartilage heal.

Also, the hole has a U-shaped patellar pad. This relieves pressure from the knee cap even more. Helps realign it, too.

Size options: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.

Color options: Black.

Durability and Quality

The knee brace is made with a premium material – breathable neoprene. The velcro straps are also strong.

Who this knee brace is for

For treating chondromalacia patella from overuse, PFPS, or a patellar tendon issue. Also if you have mild instability.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

Not the best for sports.

2. MyCocoon Hot and Cold Knee Compression Sleeves 

MyCocoons are compressive, closed-kneecap sleeves filled with hydrogel – their most important feature.

Comfort and Stability

This material retains hot and cold temperatures. That, combined with the cozy compression of its lycra fabric, will enhance your recovery like no other sleeve.

Size options: S, M, L. Use it on other joints too.

Color options: Black.

Durability and Quality

The lycra is double-stitched and the hydrogel is leak-proof. This sleeve will last a long time – just what you need in a chondromalacia patella aid.

Who this sleeve is for

Perfect for all stages of recovery – from relieving painful and swollen knees to stimulating healing.

Who this sleeve isn’t for

If you want other features, like hinges, or straps.

MyCocoons can boost your healing process. Try them with our 15% discount code:

3. Bodyprox Patella Tendon Knee Strap

Sometimes the knee cap rubs and wears off due to muscle weakness or patellar tendon issues. In those cases, a knee strap can minimize the grinding sensations of the patella and relieve pain.

Enter the Bodyprox strap. As an added bonus, it comes in pairs.

Comfort and Stability

This neoprene strap is fully adjustable and quick to use. Wrap it below your kneecap and you’re done. The light compression it provides can prevent further cartilage damage.

Size options: One size. Up to 18” in circumference.

Color options: Black.

Durability and Quality

The neoprene and velcro straps are particularly durable.

Who this strap is for

For chondromalacia patellae related to runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, or similar injuries.

Who this strap isn’t for

If you need ligament stability, a sleeve or a hinged brace are better choices.

4. Incrediwear Knee Sleeve

These sleeves were tested in several studies. They showed how it can reduce knee pain, help you recover up to 46% faster, and reduce your risk of re-injury by 60%.

Comfort and Stability

The fabric is insanely comfortable and it’s embedded with germanium.

This semiconductor element activates when it’s in contact with your skin. This in turn increases blood flow, stimulates healing, and reduces pain.

Size options: M, L, XL, XXL.

Color options: Grey, black.

Durability and Quality

The 3D woven fabric combined with germanium makes this sleeve more durable than average.

Who this sleeve is for

Works great for managing and preventing chondromalacia pain on a daily basis.

Who this sleeve isn’t for

Probably not the best knee brace for chondromalacia if you’re on a budget.

Incrediwear sleeves can be effective but they’re pricey. Use our coupon code to get 20% off when you buy 2 sleeves.
CODE: knee20

5. PentagonFit Knee Sleeve

Sleeves are incredibly effective for reducing pain from chondromalacia and other injuries. And, PentagonFit is our favorite high-quality, budget-friendly sleeve.

Comfort and Stability

The fabric is comfortable, breathable, and lightweight. All the benefits of an average neoprene sleeve without the sweatiness.

Its silicon strip has a decent grip as well – it will keep it in place, although it may slide down a little after a prolonged period.

Size options: M, L, XL, XXL.

Color options: Black, red, blue.

Durability and Quality

The fabric has 3D weaving, making it durable and resistant to use.

Who this sleeve is for

For management of pain and swelling from chondromalacia without a huge financial investment.

Who this sleeve isn’t for

If you need patella tracking, hinges or straps.

6. Shock Doctor 875 Hinged Knee Brace

This hinged knee brace is the ideal choice for chondromalacia pain associated with moderate or severe knee instability.

Comfort and Stability

The patellar hole reduces the pressure on the kneecap. Its heavy-duty, removable hinges give reliable support to your ligaments.

And, the X-shaped straps let you customize the support and compression even further.

Rest assured, your knee will be safe with this brace.

Size options: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

Color options: Black.

Durability and Quality

The latex-free fabric is high-quality and the hinges are made of aluminum. This is a particularly durable brace.

Who this hinged brace is for

For chondromalacia knee pain combined with a ligament sprain.

Who this hinged brace isn’t for

This brace is excessive if you have mild or no instability.

7. NEENCA Professional Knee Brace

This knee brace has the compressive properties of sleeves with nice additions – a kneecap gel pad and side stabilizers.

Comfort and Stability

The gel pad helps with patellar tracking and reduces the pressure there, alleviating pain.

The double-sided stabilizers give additional while being flexible – meaning they won’t poke the sides of your joint.

The fabric is comfortable and breathable enough for sports as it doesn’t restrict your range of motion and stays in place.

Size options: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

Color options: Black, blue, gray, pink, beige.

Durability and Quality

The neoprene-free fabric is 3D woven, making it more durable than average sleeves.

Who this knee brace is for

For managing general knee pain during sports and other physical activities.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

Not for sensitive skins – the silicone can leave rashes.

Factors to consider when choosing the best chondromalacia knee brace

Comfort and Stability

Wrap around knee braces often takes time to put on. If you value immediacy, they may not be the best option for you. A slip-up design will be a better choice.

Also, if you need stability, look for hinged braces with an open patella design. Flexible hinges don’t give as much support as aluminum ones but tend to be more comfortable.

Durability and Quality

Chondromalacia patella is a chronic knee problem.

We suggest having at least a durable sleeve to manage the pain and swelling flare-ups. Prioritize high-quality materials, more so if you have some kind of instability on your in knee region.

Value for Money

If you’ll wear knee straps, keep in mind that they will inevitably stretch. Buying them in pairs can save you some money further down the road.

Also, we included several budget-friendly options because treating your chondromalacia doesn’t have to be expensive.


A knee brace for chondromalacia can be your best ally for this chronic issue. This is especially true if you mostly feel like you’re taking too much anti-inflammatory medication.

We hope this list saved you time and pointed you in the right direction so you can focus on your recovery.