8 Best Knee Brace for Jumping 2022 | Buyers Guide & Reviews

Written by on March 4, 2022 — Medically Reviewed By: Mitch Torres (PT)

This guide will talk about the Best Knee Brace for Jumping a type of knee condition that is often associated with injuries due to jumping in sports and athletic activities.

Are you in search of the best knee brace for jumping? Jumper’s knee is a type of knee condition that is often associated with injuries due to jumping in sports and athletic activities.

This injury, also known as Patellar Tendonitis, is due to the wearing of the tendon that is responsible for connecting the shinbone or tibia to the kneecap or patella.

When your patellar tendon gets stressed or overused, it results in tiny tears. Several tears in the area cause symptoms such as painful inflammation and weakness.

This injury is also very common among athletes whose activities involve jumping, which may include volleyball, track and field, and basketball. It also can affect athletes who do explosive and repetitive motions of the knee.

Those who have it experience pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the knee area, found right below the kneecap where the patellar tendon is located. So, if you have one of these, then you certainly need a knee brace to protect you.

In this post, we will be discussing all there is to know about how to choose the best knee brace for jumping.

We have provided you a rundown of our top 8 recommendations for the best ones on the market right now, as well as a description of their best features, pros, and cons.

Top Picks: Best Knee Braces for Jumping

Best Overall: ArmaJoint Compression Sleeve
Best compression knee sleeve to help aid recovery of minor-medium injuries.

Best Recovery: Cocoon Knee Flex Pro 
Amazing knee sleeve that can provide hot/cold therapy. Great for recovery.

Best Support: Braceability Patella Stabilizing
Heavy-duty brace for those who need extra support.


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  3. Conclusion

Top 8 Picks for The Best Knee Brace for Jumping

1. Best Overall: ArmaJoint Compression Sleeve


  • Easy to put on
  • Effectively reduces swelling and pain
  • Comfortable fit
  • Made from premium grade latex-free neoprene material


  • Runs a little big
  • Can slide down if you machine wash it.

When looking for the right knee brace as an athlete, keep three things in mind. Flexibility, comfort, and ease. You want to be able to function correctly and not fight your brace all the time. Our design of the Knee Force Compression Sleeve meets all these requirements.

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Our team of experts and physical therapists know that compression can really help with easing pain caused by jumpers knee. It offers uniform compression and which helps to dull the pain. It is also affordable, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

Pull the knee brace up like a sock and start feeling pain relief quickly. It’s that simple.

This brace is great for minor-medium injuries, if you have severe injuries or are returning to sport after surgery, consider a brace with rigid support.

  • Material: Nylon, Spandex
  • Size: S-XL
  • Color options: Black, Green

2. My Cocoon Knee Flex Pro


  • Effective pain relief.
  • Durable compound materials.
  • Exceptional freedom of motion.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


  • Doesn’t offer as much support as the Braceability

Cocoon Knee Flex Pros, which is not only ideal for jumping, but also for other sports such as running, basketball, wrestling, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and cycling.

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We considered this one of the top knee support for jumping because the hydrogel filling retains hot and cold temperatures, making it perfect for soothing sore muscles before and after sport.

These cocoons are built differently than any other knee brace I’ve seen. They basically are a compression sleeve and ice pack in one.

They come in three sizes-small, medium, and large. They are also available in blue, making them a stylish addition to any outfit. However, they are not as supportive as some of the other knee braces on the market, we suggest only using them pre and post-workouts and during light activity.

  • Material: Lycra, hydrogel
  • Size: S, M, L.
  • Color options: Blue

3. Braceability Patella Stabilizing


  • The brand offers a full refund if you are not satisfied
  • Equipped with Velcro straps for added stability
  • Provides protection, as well as instant pain relief
  • Comfortable and stable to wear
  • Made of breathable and soft fabric
  • Perfect for jumping


  • There is only one size available
  • Covers a smaller area than its alternatives

The Braceability Patella Stabilizing will allow you to jump without you worrying about knee pain and discomfort.

It goes around the knee for a wider coverage, further providing protection, as well as instant relief from knee pain and tension release.

It is made of strong and soft materials that ensures comfort, durability, and suitability for extended use.

It is also equipped with adjustable Velcro straps that will not cause any restrictions on your movements, especially when you are jumping.

Comfort and Stability

It comes with adjustable Velcro straps that ensure your comfort and mobility.

Durability and Quality

This offering by ComfyMed is made of unique perforated fabric and smooth neoprene material, which makes it perfect for use in sports that involve jumping.

Cost and Value

It offers great value for your money and the brand offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Note: If you play sports in general, here’s a list with the best knee braces for sports.

4. ACE Knitted Knee Brace with Side Stabilizers


  • Very affordable
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Delivers maximum compression on the knee
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for use by jumpers
  • Offers pain relief from stiffness, injury, and sore knees


  • Size chart is not accurate
  • Might slip down after a few hours

What made us consider this knee brace by ACE one of the best knee braces for jumping is its use of side stabilizers that help provide lateral stability while allowing you full mobility.

It is made of 4-way stretch knit, which makes it perfect to wear even under clothing. It is also very comfortable and easy to use, thanks to its slip-on design.

While it is mainly used by those whose sports involve jumping, it is also ideal for those who experience stiff, sore, injured, and weak knees.

Comfort and Stability

This offering by ACE is very comfortable to wear and easy to use. It also features the 4-way stretch fabric that delivers optimum compression.

Durability and Quality

It is made of comfortable and durable materials, which earned the brand the support of engineers and medical professionals.

Cost and Value

Priced at $11.78, you sure would be getting great value for your money, considering the low-profile but efficient construction of this knee brace.

5. NEENCA Professional Knee Brace – Knee Compression Sleeve Support with Patella Gel Pads


  • Comfortable to wear
  • The brand offers a full refund
  • Suitable for jumping
  • Can relieve pain
  • Offers protection for your knee joints


  • Might start to slide down your knee as soon as you begin sweating
  • Might be too tight for some

We also consider these knee compression sleeves created by NEENCA as one of the best knee support for jumper’s knee because it is made of breathable, flexible, moisture-wicking, and anti-odor materials.

It also features the non-slip silicone strips retention system for maximum stability. This knee brace comes in 1 pair and there are 6 sizes and colors available.

While it is suitable for use by jumpers, it also offers effective pain relief from arthritis and other knee injuries. Lastly, the brand offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Comfort and Stability

This knee brace is made of flexible, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and breathable materials, ensuring that you will be at your most comfortable state while jumping.

Durability and Quality

Not only is this knee brace suitable for strenuous activities but it can also be used to alleviate knee pain and discomfort, as well as relieve pain caused by arthritis.

Cost and Value

At only $15.99, it sure is a great bang for your buck, considering its multiple features and functionalities.

6. Copper Knee Braces (1 Pair) with FREE Patella Knee Braces (1 Pair)


  • Delivers stability and comfort
  • Suitable for sports that involve jumping
  • Affordable
  • Can increase muscle performance
  • 100% money back guarantee offered by the brand


  • Might be a little tight for those with big knees
  • Size chart needs improvement

This knee brace offered by Copper Chief Gear is another great product because it can provide protection and comfort when you are jumping while promoting muscle and joint recovery.

With its construction, it can fully protect your knee against injuries and damages. Another great feature of this knee brace is that it is equipped with high-performance knee compression sleeves that allow improved blood flow.

Lastly, it comes with a free pair of patella knee braces for extra stability.

Comfort and Stability

This knee brace is very comfortable to wear not only for sports that involve jumping but also for injury recovery and pain relief.

Durability and Quality

As this knee brace is specifically designed for strenuous activities and physically-demanding sports, you should never worry yourself with wear and tear.

Cost and Value

At $16.95, this knee brace would be one of the best choices if you are looking for the top knee brace for jumpers.

7. AllyFlex Knee Brace Open Patella Stabilizer


  • Offers patella stabilization
  • Can relieve knee pain, inflammation, and stress
  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable and stable to wear
  • Perfect for jumpers


  • Size is not accurate
  • Washing instructions are not included

We consider this offering by AllyFlex as one of the best knee braces supports for jumping mainly because of the patella stabilization it can provide your knees.

It features a reinforced ring around an open EVA pad that helps kneecap stabilization, as well as relieve pain, stress, and pressure with patellofemoral syndrome.

It is made of high-quality neoprene material that delivers stronger support, breathability, as well as a tighter compression. It also uses silica gel elastic straps for added stability, making it perfect for use on jumping, running, tennis, and soccer, among others.

Comfort and Stability

It is made of breathable materials and is equipped with an extra COOLMAX lining skin layers for maximum comfort. It also uses silica gel elastic straps for added stability.

Durability and Quality

This offering by AllyFlex is made of high-quality neoprene materials, which speaks a lot about its overall quality and durability.

Cost and Value

If you consider buying this knee brace by AllyFlex, you would be getting all these amazing features but would not cost you more than $16.99.

8. Compression Knee Sleeve Knee Brace


  • Made of professional high-quality materials
  • Perfect for jumpers
  • Can prevent injuries
  • Delivers effective pain relief and improved blood circulation
  • Affordable
  • The brand allows replacement or full refund if you are unsatisfied


  • Sizing might be inaccurate
  • Might not be suitable for everyday use

We consider this multi-functional knee brace offered by Gryps as one of the best knee support for jumper’s knee because it combines knee sleeves with two adjustable straps and it offers all-around support and compression, thanks to its 4-way stretch capability.

It is made of high-quality spandex and nylon materials, which is also soft, lightweight, moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and breathable.

It is perfect for jumping, as well as other strenuous sports such as skiing, tennis, hiking, cycling, weightlifting, and yoga, among others.

Comfort and Stability

It is made of 68% nylon and 32% spandex, allowing you to feel comfortable when you are jumping. It also comes with adjustable straps for added stability.

Durability and Quality

It is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring that you will be able to make the most out of it before it starts to wear.

Cost and Value

It sure is one of the top knee braces for jumpers and it would not cost you more than $14.96.

Criteria Used for The Evaluation of The Best Knee Brace for Jumping


As an athlete whose sport involves jumping, comfort should be the first thing that you should consider when choosing a good knee brace.

Your sport constantly will require you to do big movements and it is important that the knee brace you are wearing does not restrict you from moving.

It would also be great if you choose a knee brace that is breathable, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking to be sure that you will be very comfortable throughout your game.


To be able to determine if the knee brace will work out for you for a long period, you must also consider its construction.

Make sure that it is made of high-quality materials such as nylon, spandex, and neoprene, to be sure that you are only getting the best knee brace.


All other features, which include pain relief, knee stabilization, kneecap protection, sweat-absorbing qualities, multiple functionalities, and washing instructions should also be considered when choosing the top knee brace for jumpers.

If you carefully evaluate each product, you would be able to determine if it is worth your money.


Choosing the best of the best might just be a very difficult task for you, especially if you are not sure where to even start looking. Lucky for you, we have rounded up everything that you need to know before you go buy yourself a knee brace for jumping.

Not all knee braces are created the same and therefore, some will exceed your expectations and some will not.

With your new knowledge, we hope that you will be able to apply it to get only the best knee brace for jumping.