9 Best Knee Braces for Golf 2024 | Buyers Guide, Expert Reviews

Written by on January 7, 2023 — Medically Reviewed By: Mitch Torres (PT)

This guide will talk about the different types of the best knee braces for golfers to get you back out on the Golf course quickly.

We look at the best knee braces for golfers…to get you back out on the course quickly.

Golfers are no strangers to knee problems. The twisting and shifting weight that takes place during a solid drive adds excessive torque at the knee joints, making them considerably vulnerable to knee injuries – with sprains to the meniscus being a particular issue. 

So, it’s no secret that a quality knee brace can become a golfer’s most valuable companion.

However, with so many knee braces on the market – ranging vastly in price – choosing the perfect knee brace can be a daunting task, resulting in information overload.

Well, worry no longer…Our registered physical therapists have chosen the best knee braces for golf in 2024, and put them through their paces.

Our Top Picks:

Best Overall: Cocoon Knee Flex Pro
It’s the most unique and versatile knee sleeve in the market. Unique in that can also be used as a hot/cold pack for injury prevention and recovery, versatile in that its usefulness goes beyond golf and knee pain.

Best Value for Money: ArmaJoint Compression Sleeve
This is by far the most practical brace we’ve reviewed to date. It does everything well without compromising movement and sells at an affordable price.

Best For Over 50: EzyFit Knee Brace Support
The open patella design of the EzyFit, as well as its 2-way wrap-around configuration, helps it stay in place despite the many hours you can spend on the golf course.

9 of the Best Knee Braces for Golf 

1. MyCocoon Hot and Cold Compression Sleeve


  • Hot/cold compress + all the benefits of a traditional knee sleeve
  • Insanely comfortable
  • Durability to the nth level
  • Great for both recovery and injury prevention
  • Multiple size options with each sleeve fitting other parts of your limb


  • Only comes in blue
  • A bit more expensive than the average 

MyCocoon is the most versatile knee sleeve we’ve ever tested, and it’s one of our favorite products.

It gets you all the benefits of a conventional knee sleeve but, because of its design, it can also double as a hot or cold pack.

Comfort and Stability

It’s a common misconception that only materials like neoprene can provide the perfect fit and effectiveness for knee sleeves.

MyCocoon has proved otherwise by combining lycra with hydrogel, creating an amazing cocoon of comfort unlike any other.

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It does, however, make MyCocoon slightly more expensive. But, it’s well worth it given its superior breathability and moisture-wicking properties. It can even stay well in place without bunching up behind your knee even if you play golf the entire afternoon.

Moreover, the hydrogel makes each cocoon capable of being used as hot or cold therapeutic tools. Simply throw your cocoons in the microwave or freezer and take them with you wherever you go.

  • Size options: S, M, L. (Focus your choice on your knee’s fit but also know that you can use the MyCocoon for other parts of your limb.)
  • Color options: Blue

Durability and Quality

We’re confident in the durability of the MyCocoon.

With double-stitched sleeves, leakproof hydrogels, and lycra that’s stronger than natural rubber, you can rest assured that this sleeve will be well worth your money.

Who this brace is for

This is for the avid golfer, pro or otherwise. It may be a “low-impact sport” but the torque you produce with every swing can still put a number on your knees. MyCocoon can help your joints recover from this beating as well as help prevent injury. 

Who this brace isn’t for

This probably might not be best if you’re only golfing once every few weeks. 

Don’t get us wrong, though. It will still be useful. But, bear in mind that this product is a bit more expensive than most. So, if it were up to us, we’d want to put it to use rather than have it collect dust in a drawer. 

2. ArmaJoint Compression Sleeve


  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Excellent range of motion
  • Easy to put on
  • Effectively reduces swelling and knee pain
  • Comfortable fit
  • Made from premium grade latex-free neoprene material


  • Can slide down if you machine wash it.
  • Only comes in black

The ArmaJoint Compression Sleeve is one of the best knee braces for golf you can get today. This brace came out on top in our independent tests mostly because of its superior compression, breathability, and practicality.

I, for one, and the rest of our team of physical therapists gave the thumbs up that this could significantly relieve pain and inflammation while increasing blood flow to your knee joint.

This knee support also allows maximum freedom of motion. So, it won’t impose on your golf swing, will be comfortable to walk around in, and won’t make your pain feel worse than it already is.

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Overall, it’s an affordable and reliable all-rounder that merits its place atop the foremost rehabilitative and prophylactic knee braces.

It’s simply one of the best knee braces for golf and your safest bet if you’re looking to get back your confidence in your golf game.

Comfort and Stability

The ArmaJoint Knee Compression Sleeve uses a unique blend of compound fabric materials – nylon, spandex, and rubber – offers breathability, comfort, even compression, and ease of movement.

Durability and Quality

The textiles are 3D woven, making them thicker and more durable without compromising any of the fabric’s mechanical advantages. 

Who this brace is for

ArmaJoint Compression Sleeve is for golfers who are experiencing knee pain and inflammation, recovering from injuries, and are looking for a simple solution that doesn’t require a huge financial investment.

It has the ability to increase blood flow and circulation to the knee which is a key feature to promote the prevention and recovery of common knee injuries, making it ideal for all kinds of golfers, including those with injured and uninjured knees.

Who this brace isn’t for

The ArmaJoint is an all-rounder. So, if you’re looking for a brace with certain specialties, there may be other braces on this list that suit you better. 

3. EzyFit Knee Brace Support for Golf


  • Neoprene Construction gives a great level of support
  • Very comfortable
  • Multiple sizing
  • Anti-bacterial
  • No slip straps
  • Open patella


  • Some complains about Velcro straps losing grip
  • range of motion is restricted compared to ArmaJoint

The EzyFit is one of the best golfers braces we’ve tested. 

It stands out mostly because of how well it keeps the joint stable but it’s also very solid, very comfortable, and stays in place despite being put through heavy activity. 

So, all in all, we think it’s a great option for just about anyone but mostly for those of you who like to stay active despite nagging knee pain. 

Comfort and Stability

The EzyFit knee brace support has an open patella design that helps keep your kneecap in its place which, in turn, will give your joint the proper support and stability it needs. 

It also has a wrap-around design which we think is a bit fiddly to get on as we had to hold it in place while applying the velcro straps. 

Ironic, given its name, but it’s still a superior and reliable knee brace for golf once you’ve got it on as the silicon non-slip straps hold it firmly in place.

We even spent hours on the golf course and the EzyFit felt as stable as a rock. 

It also comes in 3 sizes: M, L, and XL.

Durability and Quality

The EzyFit knee brace support is made from quality neoprene, nylon, and polyester, making it feel soft but also durable. 

Who this brace is for

We think the EzyFit is one of the best knee brace golfers recovering from injuries can have and golfers with nagging knee problems, including most athletes over 50, will love this knee brace.

Plus, it’s the kind of brace you can use across multiple sports. 

In our eyes, the EzyFit’s bread and butter lie in how well it can hold your joint firmly together. It gives off a great feeling of security and it’s also effective for knee pain relief. 

The opening around your knee cap is great for relieving symptoms of tendonitis pain or patellofemoral-related pressure while promoting stress-free movement. 

Who this brace isn’t for

Because it can be a hassle to put on, it’s probably not the best brace for those of you with little patience or for on-the-go purposes. 

4. Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support


  • Anatomically fit and sizing, excellent knee cap support
  • Special sensor based knee stabilization
  • Targeted recovery
  • Incomparable comfort and ease of use
  • Alleviates all knee ailments
  • Useful with other sports
  • Highly recommended by sports enthusiasts


  • Bauerfeind sports knee support is not for sensitive skin

The Bauerfeind Sports knee brace is a high-quality, German-made knee brace that exceeds expectations. 

Its design enables it to stay perfectly in place while also evenly distributing pressure for risk reduction and prevention of injuries.

It’s also very comfortable and breathable. 

Essentially, the Bauerfeind Sports knee brace has become one of our favorite all-time knee braces. Though, it would have been higher up on our list had it been more sturdy. 

Comfort and Stability

We tested Bauerfeind knee braces in the past and, although they were very effective as a knee brace, they suffered from a small issue with skin irritation.

We found that the silicone inside that kept the brace from sliding down would cause skin irritation from the abrasive fabric rubbing on the back of the knee.

Well, we didn’t find that same issue here. 

The Bauerfeind Sports line is made from air-knit fabric, making it highly breathable. This design also gives it the moisture-wicking properties that are typical of the brand’s products, so the brace is also very comfortable.

It stays in place and comes fitted with its anatomically contoured pad that surrounds the knee cap.

The Bauerfeind Sports knee support comes in 6 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Durability and Quality

The quality and technology behind the Bauerfeind Sports are mighty impressive but its durability is a letdown. 

Needless to say, it isn’t exactly heavy-duty. We found that the Bauerfeind couldn’t hold up to punishment, especially not when compared to the EzyFit.

Who this brace is for

We think the Bauerfeind Sport is perfect for golfers and athletes suffering from common knee injuries, or recovering from surgery and would like to invest in a more high-quality brace.

While Bauerfeind does not specify if the patella gel pads in these braces are the same Omega pads found in their other products, they still have highly impressive properties that distribute pressure evenly around the knee joint and stimulate the knees’ muscles and improve circulation.

Moreover, the way it engulfs your knee perfectly also gives Bauerfeind Sports the ability to reduce pain and prevent knee pain from getting worse – all while reducing the risk of further injuries at the same time. 

Who this brace isn’t for

The Bauerfeind Sports isn’t the most durable and it’s also one of the more expensive sleeves in the market. So, it probably isn’t the wisest choice if you’re on a budget and are looking for something more long-term. 

5. RiptGear Compression Knee Sleeve for Golf Injuries


  • Multiple sizing
  • Complete compression
  • Premium non-slip design
  • Tends to various knee ailments
  • Multiple colorways
  • Money back guarantee


  • Ends dig in after hours of continuous use

Riptgear is well established as a reputable supplier of quality sporting garments – and their golf knee compression sleeve is no different. 

After trying the Riptgear Compression Knee Sleeve, it’s easy to make a case for it being the best knee brace in the market. Or, at least one of the elites. 

Its design and the materials it uses are similar to our top pick, ArmaJoint, so it also has a lot of the same benefits, including steady compression which can prevent injuries as well as help with recovery. 

Comfort and Stability

This sleeve also provides uniform compressions to the knee joint which results in joint stability, knee pain relief, controlled swelling, and great support that helps prevent any further damage to your injury.

Its moisture-wicking capabilities also help keep your muscles and knee warm while keeping your skin dry and feeling cool. 

However, we struggled a bit with the sleeve rolling down a little.

The RiptGear comes in many size options, including S, M, L, XL, and XXL sizes. 

Durability and Quality

The Riptgear Knee Compression Sleeve is a nylon, rubber, and spandex sleeve. 

It is also durable and will offer fantastic support around your entire knee, even as you shift your weight during your drives. 

Who this brace is for

The RiptGear is great for golfers who are looking for a knee brace that can help injuries heal naturally. 

It’s also an excellent choice for golfers looking for pain relief as well as those looking to accelerate their recovery. It can also provide pain relief to golfers experiencing common knee injuries such as meniscus tears, arthritis, and tendonitis.

Who this brace isn’t for

While it has a similar concept to the ArmaJoint Knee Sleeve, its top rolls off a little more easily. So, this probably isn’t for you if you’re looking for a brace that won’t need constant readjustment while you play. 

6. Crucial Compression Knee Brace Compression Sleeve


  • Ergonomic design
  • Instant impact and quick recovery
  • Heating effect
  • Slim profile and lightweight
  • Multiple sizing
  • Manufacturer warranty


  • Sizing chart has issues

Crucial Compression makes compression aids for all types of athletes, including this knee brace for golf. 

It comes as a pair and can easily be worn over your joints with a slip-up motion, thus making this knee brace a popular choice among up-and-coming golfers. 

It also offers excellent compression for the knees, making it capable of applying the greatest support to any affected area, helping you avoid any external pressure buildup from aggravating your injury, as well as the swelling and stiffness that come with it. 

These are important features to have in a brace as golfing involves a lot of standing up and sitting, which can test your knees and harm them eventually.

Even when you have no injury, you are recommended to have these knee sleeves on. Plus, no one’s going to notice you wearing them under your golfing pants because of their slim profile. 

Comfort and Stability

One of the features we looked for when we ranked the best type of knee brace for golf is comfort. Copper Compression knows this and has designed this compression sleeve to be super ergonomic.

It also uses what the brand calls “No-Slip” Double Grip design which is essentially dots of silicone lining both ends of the brace. This simple motif is enough to give these compression sleeves the exceptional ability to stay in place.

Durability and Quality

This pair of golf knee braces have high-quality fabric that has double stitching designs. Again, it’s a fairly simple concept but enough to prevent them from easily coming apart due to regular wear. 

Who this brace is for

These are for golfers who are on a budget but are looking for a quality knee brace that can be worn comfortably in and out of sports. 

The package itself isn’t expensive but when you add the fact that you’re getting two, its value for money jumps through the roof! 

Who this brace isn’t for

This pair probably isn’t for those of you with sensitive skin. The dots of silicone around the openings of the sleeves may irritate your skin and possibly lead to rashes.

7. Pacetag Knee Support for Open-Patella Stabilizer with Adjustable Strapping


  • Designed for sports
  • Silicon stabilizers installed
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Premium material quality
  • Secure fit
  • Adjustable Velcro straps


  • May feel hot after wearing for long hours

Are you looking for one of the best knee braces for golfers, but are on a limited budget? PaceTag offers quality knee support for a minimal price.

Although, its low price doesn’t necessarily mean low quality.

It intends to provide support and prevent injuries to your knees – all while relieving pain and pressure that already exists. Plus, we think it can be used in your daily life as well as sports activities. 

It can also be an option if you’re in the market for rehabilitative knee braces because you can use them while recovering from an ACL injury and other ligament injuries, torn meniscus, and several others. 

The knee brace gives a secure fit and will not let any pressure build up in your knee joints. Despite being low priced, the PaceTag brace still ensures that your knee is provided with even support and regular heat therapy for better blood circulation and faster recovery. 

Comfort and Stability

We believe that any golf knee brace on our list should be comfortable – and PaceTag definitely is. Its open patella design helps relieve pressure on your knee cap while promoting ease of movement and reduced stiffness. 

It doesn’t have the 2-way velcro design of the EzyFit nor does it have the patellar gel pad of the Bauerfeind. However, it can stabilize your knee and stay in place surprisingly better and more comfortably than what its low price suggests. 

The PaceTag knee support only comes in 1 size, though, but it should be enough to fit knees that are 12.5″-18″ in circumference. 

Durability and Quality

It is made with neoprene, nylon, and polyester. From our tests, we think it’s top-quality and fairly durable. Plus, it has a 6-month warranty that reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in this knee brace. 

Who this brace is for

This is for people who’re looking for a brace that keeps their patella in place without having to pay top dollar. It will also work for relieving nagging pain as well as promoting recovery from fresh injuries. 

Who this brace isn’t for

This isn’t for anyone who wants a more specialized brace. That’s not to say that the PaceTag isn’t great, because it is. It just doesn’t have any unique, eye-popping features that you might find in the other braces on this list. 

8. Mava Sports Knee Support Sleeves (Pair)


  • Very comfortable
  • Anatomical shape
  • Daily usage – breathable fabric
  • Natural hypo-allergenic material
  • Unisex & multiple sizing
  • Improves endurance
  • Warranty


  • Mava branding rubs off due to sweating / washing

Mava Sports needs no introduction. If you have read our other articles, you would know that this company makes top quality products. Its knee supports come in a pair and is one of the most selling ones worldwide.

These golf knee braces are anatomically shaped for optimally supporting your knee structure and accelerating rehab from most common knee injuries. They provide targeted compression and lessen knee pain due to strains, sprains, bone weakness, tendonitis, etc.

You can wear the pair daily and enjoy your golf practice without any joint pain.

Comfort and Stability

This pair of knee brace for golfers is partly made with natural bamboo fiber, so they’re somewhat hypoallergenic and won’t easily smell like a dirty sock. 

However, take note that it also has latex weaved into it, so there may still be an issue with allergies. 

That being said, the inner side is packed with silicone dots that help prevent slipping and make your experience more comfortable. 

They also come in multiple sizes, from small to 3XL, but their size chart probably isn’t the most accurate for some people. 

Once you do get the right size, though, this pair of braces should provide constant compression and extra support while allowing maximum freedom of movement. 

Durability and Quality

Made for athletes, the knee braces are of top quality and should be able to take on the wear and tear of golfing sessions. 

Although, again, it’s crucial you get the right size. Too tight and you run the risk of overstretching the fabric; too loose and the sleeves might slip. 

Who this brace is for

This brace is for golfers looking for a pain-relieving brace that won’t roll down with play and activity. 

As an added bonus, it works well for those of us who’re way too lazy to wash sleeves after a few uses. (Though, we still highly recommend regular washing.)

Who this brace isn’t for

This isn’t for golfers who don’t want the hassle of possibly returning the product because they received the wrong size. We understand this can be a big deal but getting the right size is crucial. 

9. UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve for Golfing


  • Instant impact and quick muscle recovery
  • Anti slip
  • Aids with sprained ligaments (e.g. ACL, MCL), tendonitis, arthritis, other knee injuries etc.
  • 3D knitting technology
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Versatile and stylish design
  • Multiple sizing


  • Some batches have quality control issues

The last product on our review list is from UFlex and is Amazon’s best-seller in the knee braces category.

It isn’t specifically made for the sport but we think it deserves its spot as one of the best knee brace for golf in the market. 

It focuses on targeted muscle recovery and takes away the stress from your sensitive knee ligaments, allowing you to play golf worry- and possibly pain-free. 

This knee compression sleeve also has an anti-slip design that keeps the brace on throughout your training session and ensures that you are getting optimal compression throughout your knee region. You can get one in a size that fits you and recover from your knee injury with a smile on your face.

Comfort and Stability

Being one of the best knee support for golf, this is made with spandex, nylon, and latex. These textiles are woven together using 3D knitting technology, giving it an edge over many of its competitors in terms of comfort and stability. 

It also has silicone strips inside it to help prevent slipping. 

Overall, the UFlex Knee Compression Sleeve should ergonomically fit and support your knee without limiting the mobility of your leg in any way. 

It comes in multiple sizes: S, M, L, XL

Durability and Quality

UFlex has a reputation for putting out extremely durable products – and this is no exception. Again, this can be attributed to the 3D knitting as well as the materials used to design this product.

Who this brace is for

We think this brace is especially good for customers who have existing knee injuries and would like to accelerate rehab. 

The knee brace has been specially designed to tackle the swelling and stiffness that occurs after long active sessions. Plus, there are several positive write-ups about it from people who’ve had knee replacement surgery

Who this brace isn’t for

This brace isn’t for those of you with potential allergies to spandex, nylon, and latex and those with generally sensitive skin as the silicone strips inside the sleeve may irritate your complexion. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Knee Support for Golf. 

Comfort and Stability

The best knee support for golfers is both comfortable and stable. As an athlete, you do not want a knee support that adds stress to your skin and possibly taking your focus away from your game.

A top-quality product will maintain optimal support and has a skin-friendly fabric. Given that you picked the right size, it should also feel snug; not loose, not tight. 

Durability and Quality

You want your knee braces to last the length of your recovery, at the least. Your knee brace for golf should not come apart due to wear and tear and should allow you to stay active. All products mentioned in our list are some of the best knee braces and are built to match the arduous routine of athletes.

Cost and Value

Everyone has their own budget and perceives value in a product according to the budget. Hence, every single one of the best knee braces for golf we have listed in our review caters to people with varying spending power. Rest assured, these are some of the best knee supports for golfers around.


This marks the end of our thorough review for the best knee braces for golf. We hope that we have helped you by massively cutting down your research time and pointing you in a direction that best caters to your knee injury. If you have any comments, feel free to reach us and we will respond back soon. Hope you get back to playing golf soon!