Article Last Updated: September 1, 2020
Are you looking for the best knee sleeves for running?
Running is a fun activity, but the constant knee motion along with the stresses that can develop from the impact of touching and leaving the ground can leave your knee in a terrible condition.

Approximately one third of serious runners will incur an injury in a given year, and approximately one third of the injuries will involve the knee. [1]

To protect runners from knee injuries, there are several specialized knee braces available in the market.

In this article, we are going to go over the best 11 variants available to purchase. We are going to review these products and tell you about the things we like and dislike about them.

Top 3 Best Knee Sleeves for Running




#1 Ossur Formfit® Pro Knee

Olympic standard knee brace, used by pro-athletes.

#2 Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support

Medical grade knee support imported from Germany. 

#3 Sable Compression Knee Sleeves

Excellent compression within a low budget.

1. Ossur Formfit Pro Knee Sleeve

You probably know about Ossur products if you watch the Olympics or the para-olympics.

During these competitions, you will see many pro-athletes running with Ossur ankle support and knee support.

First off, the fabric provides medical grade compression, so not only are you getting the patellar support which keeps that patella from moving around, but the knee sleeve also helps with your circulation.

One of the most important parts of this knee sleeve is actually what Ossur calls the ‘smart pad’ and this is the pad that supports the patella and helps keep it stay in position.

The pad cradles your kneecap and stabilizes your patella.

This makes it ideal for you if you run with any type of knee pain or have had knee surgeries in the past, and you need support for that patella to keep from getting that sharp pain that you get with runner’s knee.

Another really exceptional feature in this knee sleeve is the Fold Lock technology.

This technology includes a gripping layer on the top of the sleeve and these finger holes, so you just slide it on and once you get it on, it’s going to stay in place for your whole running session.

It’s just a simple technology that works perfectly and allows you to concentrate on running without fidgeting with your knee support. The knee sleeve adjusts dynamically to your leg movement and provides targeted supported throughout.

Comfort and Stability

The typical neoprene knee sleeve is bulky and fits tight, with a pinch at the back of the knee.

Ossur’s knee sleeves have a cool vent on the back and is comprised of breathable material so it helps keep the back your knee cool.

This keeps your knee from sweating, allows it to stay dry and it helps prevent that pinching.

Durability and Quality

Made to be of medical grade and used by Olympians throughout the world, Ossur’s knee sleeves are exceptional in durability.

Owing to security features such as reinforced stitching, locked seams and dynamic stress management, the knee sleeves really maintain their shape and function even after several months of usage.

Cost and Value

From our research, this is a product that doctors recommend to their patients.

However, if your product is obtained through a doctor’s order you could pay up to 650% more than Amazon pricing.

Ossur FormFit ProKnee

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Superior grip
  • Added breathability
  • Dynamic support and compression
  • Targeted compression
  • Cushioning for comfort
  • Medical grade
  • Multiple sizing
  • Extended warranty

2. Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support

One thing runners care a lot about is their brace staying in place.

Even the best knee sleeves for running won’t help your knee if it’s always slipping down to your ankles.

That’s why the Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support is anatomically shaped so that it fits the leg like a glove. This is going to reduce slippage and migrating.

To further secure the knee brace from slipping, Bauer has placed gripping zones in the front of the brace and in the back of the brace. This helps it to have a texture to grab on to.

Another feature that’s important to runners is the knee cap stabilization and pain relief because that causes a lot of problems.

The Bauerfeind knee support has an Omega pad that goes around the kneecap to give 360 degrees of stabilization and redistribute stresses.

The compression provided is itself of the highest quality and runs throughout the length of the knee sleeve.

You can find a variant in the color you like, with multiple sizing options to fit the leg of everyone.

Comfort and Stability

Made for use for medical purposes as well as casual purposes, the comfort of this knee sleeve is top notch. You can enjoy wearing it for long hours, without feeling excessive sweating or having to deal with constant slipping.

Durability and Quality

Bauerfeind’s knee brace has passed the required quality standards to be recommended by medical professionals. It comes with a multi-stitched seam that is going to take up the wear and tear of running, with no changes in its performance.

Cost and Value

You would be paying around $85 for a single knee sleeve.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Excellent knee stabilization during sports
  • Targeted relief
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Easy to clean
  • Regulated level of compression
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • One year warranty
  • Made in Germany

3. Sable Compression Knee Sleeves

We are ending our list with a pair of knee sleeves from Sable.  These knee braces are listed as a number one seller on Amazon and we rightly agree with this status.

The pair provides you with an all-round protection against mild to medium injuries that can occur during running or lifting.

Each knee sleeve wraps rightly around your knee and provides excellent elastic compression.

This compression prevents any pressure from developing in your knees and also keeps your muscles warm for enhancing your performance.

There are spiral anti-slip grooves at the end of the sleeves which prevent the brace from slipping out while you are focusing on the task at hand.

The knee sleeve is FDA registered for use with arthritis, ACL and other knee conditions.

Comfort and Stability

This is one of the best compression knee sleeve in terms of comfort.

It is made from breathable and lightweight fabric that spans a larger area on your leg for greater protection. Sable guarantees an all-day dry and odor-free usage.

Durability and Quality

One of the reasons behind this products success is its excellent durability, while having a low price tag.

Sable has ensured that the knee sleeves do not lose their compression or come apart by utilizing a special blend of fabric.

This fabric makes the knee sleeve usable for many months.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Special wide coverage design for pressure distribution
  • Flexible and breathable blend of fabric
  • FDA approved
  • Versatile – usable with all sports
  • Multiple sizing
  • Smart adaption to your knee anatomy
  • Maintains comfortable temperature
  • Lifetime warranty

4. Crucial Compression Knee Brace Compression Sleeve

Now this is one of our favorite brands and if you have a look at other reviews on our website, you will find many Crucial Compression products reviewed.

This particular knee brace offers top quality compression that will keep your knee in position as you run.

The knee brace is the only one listed in our article with copper infusion. What this means is that you will get added protection against bacteria and other microbes.

The copper layer also prevents odor from developing, while the fabric allows for sweat to evaporate quickly.

Your knee skin will remain fresh even after hours of wearing this brace.

The compression provided by the sleeve is stable, while the pressure maintenance allows for your muscles to strengthen.

All the shocks and sprains are absorbed by the compression sleeve, allowing you to recover faster and get incredible results.

Comfort and Stability

If you are looking for exceptional comfort and stability, you should consider this product as it has been designed from ground up with the runner’s comfort in mind.

To prevent slipping, there is a new double grip system installed inside the brace.

Durability and Quality

Owing to the high quality neoprene fabric, this knee brace can take on the challenges of running without any difficulty.

It has been tested to endure stress of higher level than typically expected during running and it passed the test without any damage to the integrity of the fabric.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Highest copper infusion in the market
  • Immediate pain relief
  • Moisture wicking
  • Double grip design
  • Multiple sizing
  • Happiness guarantee

5. CAMBIVO Knee Brace

Here we have another pair of compression knee sleeves. These have been listed as Amazon’s Choice in the budget range.

The knee braces come as a pair and have multiple sizes, along with a handful of colorways.

‘These effectively manage to reduce your knee pain and put out any swelling, inflammation or stiffness.

The pair is recommended for any kind of sports activity that requires you to extend or hold your knee frequently.

The compression provided by a unique 3D knitted fabric gives you optimum relief from muscular as well as joint injury.

Apart from the expected enforcement, the knee braces also improve blood circulation in your knees that will allow you to perform more actively.

We recommend this knee brace pair if you are recovering from ACL or Meniscus tear, but have a restricted budget.

Comfort and Stability

Cambivo has designed a special 3D elastic weaving and breathable fabric that minimizes sweat and odor, while allowing you complete mobility.

Durability and Quality

Due to the 3D weaving and reinforced stitching, the fabric hits the right balance between rigidity and flexibility.

This means that it will not weaken due to overstretching or breakdown under moisture or daily usage.

How to wear CAMBIVO Knee Brace

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • 3D stretachable fabric
  • Anti-slip system
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • 360 degree support
  • Multiple sizing
  • Acts against stress, swelling, inflammation, tendonitis, joint pain, etc.
  • Recommended by medical professionals
  • Free eBook
  • warranty

6. TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

The TechWare Pro knee brace keeps the patella stability in place, to prevent any injury from occurring or any potential weakening of your knee.

It also reduces pain associated with patella tracking problems.

The unique feature of the TechWare Pro brace is the dual strap design, one strap above and one below the knee, which helps ensure that the patella maintains proper alignment.

The patented support pad is comfortable and lightweight. The padding works by providing targeted force on the patella.

The independent straps at the sides keep the brace’s compression focused on the anatomically critical points.

The knee brace is lightweight for all-day comfort and the semi flexible nylon hinges come with an extra patella strap for those who need greater support (due to previous injuries or surgeries).

Comfort and Stability

Since we are talking about a premium product here, it is no surprise that it is very comfortable.

It is made from knitted soft fabric that wicks moisture or sweat, letting you have the brace on for long hours.

Durability and Quality

To prolong the life of the knee sleeve, TechWare has stitched it in segments and has locked the seam stitching to prevent external factors from weakening it.

This makes the knee sleeve very durable.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Dual stabilizers to decrease pain
  • Double lock system
  • Open patella design
  • Breathable and comfortable fabric
  • Anti-slipping
  • Gel pad support for reducing swelling
  • Warranty

7. Run Forever Sports Patella Strap Knee Brace

If you need mild support for your knee while running, have a look at this knee strap.

It comes in a one size fits all design and is a great option for beginner runners. Compared to other knee straps in the market, this one is a bit different because it’s a slightly more complicated to put on.

You slip it through your leg and after you get the patellar buttress in place, you pull it round and pull it tight so it sits on like a normal support strap.

One of the reasons why we have selected this product is the padding inside, which takes the shock which may develop in your knee.

It offers a personalized support and can be adjusted exactly to your liking.

So if you’re running along and you feel your knees are hurting a little bit more, you can just pull the tab and Velcro it down.

This just puts a tiny bit more pressure on your tendon which hopefully will take some of the shock off your knee.

Since it doesn’t tighten the strap going around your knee, it’s a really clever patella knee trap.

Comfort and Stability

RunForeverSport’s patella brace is a lightweight and flexible option.

It keeps on your knees without irritating your skin or causing any allergies.

Durability and Quality

This is a minimal support system that has been tested to last for years without decreasing its level of performance.

The medical grade Velcro, double stitching and strap locking mechanism all combine together to make this is a very durable product.

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  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Releases the tension, and gives you immediate relief
  • Fully adjustable
  • Nice, tight compression
  • Universal size
  • Targeted recovery
  • Moisture wicking and breathable
  • Lifetime guarantee

8. DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Support Brace

Next up is the Reaction knee brace. If you have pain around the front of your knee, also called anterior knee pain, or if you have tendonitis issues or problems with your patella, then this may be the right product for you.

It is a very low profile and easy to wear knee brace. The open framework allows it to be breathable during rigorous activities.

The whole web acts like a shock absorber for your knee; so it stretches and extends with your knee as you flex and extend your knee and it helps to absorb the shock that’s causing the pain.

The web member on the side of the knee cap help to support and track your patella, while the members on the top and the bottom of the kneecap really help to reduce tension around the tendons.

The Reaction brace is a wrap-around product, with a web on the front and a wrap around the back. This makes the application very easy and simple.

The back part is contoured to the knee so it flexes with your knee easily and it comes with a knee sleeve, which is going to help protect your knee and give it compression.

Comfort and Stability

The elastomeric web design fits naturally on your knee and feels very comfortable.

It dynamically stabilizes the knee and absorbs chocks to keep your knee in a healthy condition

Durability and Quality

This knee sleeve has been created to offer sustained support over a long period of time.

It has been designed under specialist orthopedics and offers a light weight protection that can endure stress many times its weight, without breaking.

The nylon and spandex composite fabric used for back support is flexible and does not restrict motion.

Cost and Value

You can get a single Reaction knee brace for $68.

How the DonJoy Reaction WEB Knee Brace Works

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Developed by an orthopedics
  • Innovative webbing design
  • Flexible hinges
  • Progressive Pain Relief
  • Compression for muscle recovery and strengthening
  • Sustained Comfort
  • Useful with all fitness workouts
  • Lifetime warranty

9. Arthetik Knee Brace

This short knees stabilizer covers no more area than what is necessary.

This makes it a lightweight and low profile option for supporting weak knee joints and easing pain, while walking, jogging or running.

The open patella design allows you to comfortably bend your knee, while the padded buttress provides your knee with targeted support to help prevent and manage pain caused by kneecap dislocation patellofemoral pain syndrome and more.

This reversible brace can be worn on your right or left leg, and the innovative C shaped buttress allows you to support either the inside or the outside of your kneecap by simply flipping the brace.

You can easily adjust the amount of pressure applied to your kneecap by tightening or loosening the Velcro straps.

These medical grade closures are ten times stronger than standard retail grade Velcro.

The slip-on design is easy to apply and fits discreetly under loose pants or above leggings.

With sizes up to four XL, everyone can find a comfortable fit and continue doing what they love – running!

Comfort and Stability

This knee brace is intended to provide a comfortable and stable fit for a long-term use. For the most support and best fit, it’s important to make sure the straps are crossed in the back. The moisture wicking and breathable fabric provides the compression and support you would expect from a neoprene knee brace without making your knee hot or sweaty.

Durability and Quality

The knee pad has fine sewing throughout the padding and the seams, which holds the shape of the product. It looks as good as new even after multiple washes. You can wear the pair daily for several months without noticing a drop in performance.

Cost and Value

For $18, you can get a one of the best knee sleeves for running. We recommend beginners to get this as it is cheap and provides ample protection.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Comprehensive knee support and healing
  • Anatomically shaped patella opening
  • Maximum reinforced support
  • Unisex; fits all
  • Provides improved blood circulation
  • Increases proprioception
  • Usable with your entire workout

10. DonJoy Performance Bionic Knee Brace

Our next product is from Don Joy.

This is a popular brand in USA and is focused on senior citizens.

As a senior runner, if you are looking for a jogging knee brace for joint stabilization and knee alignment correction, then this product can be a great option for you.

This knee brace is unique in that it not only supports your leg anatomy optimally, but it also aids in relieving you from the conditions which actually cause knee trouble for you.

This is a lightweight knee sleeve, with a dynamic fit, that provides the ultimate in pain relief and comfort for runners suffering from ACL, PCL, MCL and other ligament injuries.

The knee brace is clinically proven to effectively redistribute weight across the knee and minimize the stress that is put on ligaments.

It’s easy to put on for activities of daily living as well, besides running.

The upright polycentric hinged design accommodates a wide range of leg shapes and is a great choice for those wanting a lighter and slimmer brace option without compromising on the compression.

The knee brace comes with a money-back guarantee and is best for any non-contact sport activity.

Comfort and Stability

The Drytex fabric is an advanced alternative for neoprene and is used for making this knee brace.

It not only improves airflow but also allows the knee brace to be flexible enough to mimic the complete natural motion of the knee joint.

This allows you to enjoy a superior compression than offered by most other knee brace variants in the market.

Durability and Quality

Listed as Amazon’s Choice for high end knee braces, the high durability and top quality of this knee brace is expected.

It comes with stretchable fabric that can bear the stress from your running motion without tearing or coming apart from the seam. The latter has been double stitched for ultimate security.

Cost and Value

A Don Joy performance knee sleeve can cost you around $60, which puts it in the premium category.

DonJoy Performance Bionic Knee Brace: Fit and Usage

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Bilateral polycentric hinges
  • Stretch webbing closure
  • TPR pull tabs
  • Anti-migration technology
  • Reflectivity
  • Stash pocket
  • Warranty

11. Alpha Medical Compression Support Knee Brace

Alpha Medical’s compression sleeve is a basic one, with no gimmicks. It simply gets the job done i.e. provide you with excellent knee support.

While you will not find any mind blowing feature in this knee sleeve, it is very effective against most knee conditions and is supportive during workouts, running and any other activity which requires repetitive motion of your knee.

Since it covers all the basic compression and supporting jobs so well, we had to put this in our review.

The knee sleeve is effective against preventing joint pain, stress buildup and other knee injuries.

At the same time, it gives stable compression that allows you to improve your performance.

If you are starting to face knee pain but do not have any serious injury, you should have a look at this option.

Comfort and Stability

As mentioned in the above section, there is nothing breathtaking about this sleeve.

It offers good comfort and has a moisture wicking fabric that prevents sweat buildup and lets you keep the knee brace on for long hours.

Durability and Quality

Alpha Medical has ensured that its product has the highest quality by putting in place stringent quality control tests.

The product itself is very durable due to the double stitching and composite neoprene fabric.

Cost and Value

By getting the basic features right to the dot and offering the brace for just $13, this knee brace offers the most for your money.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Offers exceptional basic protection
  • Comes with 4-D fabric construction
  • Has a spiral anti-slip feature
  • Gives warmth and improves circulations
  • Comes in multiple sizing and colors
  • Useful with all sports activities
  • Warranty

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Knee Sleeves for Running

Comfort and Stability

Running is an activity that you look forward to. It keeps you happy and fit.

The last thing you want from your knee brace is to take away this happiness by aggravating your knee condition, causing skin allergy or continuously slipping as you take a stride.

The best knee compression for running will be made of soft and anti-slipping fabric, like Neoprene, that provides you with constant support.

Durability and Quality

Check your knee brace for features such as reinforced stitching, locked seams and flexible fabric.

These are the main features which are found in the top knee sleeves for running.

Cost and Value

This is a subjective factor. The value of the best knee compression sleeves for running is dependent on your budget and the extent of support you need.

We have included options in our review that cater to people with different budgets.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are knee sleeves good for running?

If you have a knee condition, wearing knee sleeves will protect it from getting aggravated. Knee sleeves offer warmth as well, which improves blood flow in your leg.

Can I run with bad knees?

If you have mild or moderate knee pain, you can still run with the aid of one of the best knee support sleeve for running. However, if the knee pain is unbearable, you should contact a doctor first and get the condition evaluated.

Why do my knees hurt when I run?

If you run regularly, you may have developed an injury due to overuse of your patellar tendon. This is called jumper’s knee and it can be alleviated by wearing a knee sleeve.

What is the best exercise if you have bad knees?

You can improve your knee condition by simply doing straight leg raises.



So now that we have reviewed 11 of the best knee sleeves for running, we are confident that you would have found an option that is perfect for your knees.

Remember that the knee sleeves are not a magically solution to your knee problems.

The sleeves are definitely going to amp up the support for your knees, but you need to ensure that your running posture is correct.

Rest assured, if you need any further help in deciding or are confused about any product, do reach out to us through our contact form.

To protect runners from knee injuries, there are several specialized knee braces