Best Knee Support for Elderly | (Top 10 for 2024)

Written by on April 12, 2022 — Medically Reviewed By: Mitch Torres (PT)

best knee support for the elderly should help slow down the progression of knee osteoarthritis

In seniors, most knee issues are due to wear and tear. This is a normal part of aging that can come with knee pain, swelling, and instability. Luckily, the best knee support for elderly can help slow down the progression of knee osteoarthritis.

Moreover, high-quality knee braces adequately support and protect the knee after a knee replacement surgery. They keep the knee straight, minimize pain and reduce swelling which helps in post-surgery recovery.

Our team of physical therapists put this list together with that in mind. While not the same as custom-made ones, these braces can get the job done extremely well for most people at a much lower price.

With that said, here are our top 10 knee braces for elders:

Top Picks

Best Overall: ArmaJoint Compression Sleeve
Excellent general-purpose brace at a great price. Comfortable and breathable it can also fit under pants.

Best for Chronic Knee Pain: MyCocoon Hot and Cold Compression Sleeve
Enjoy the benefits of compression sleeves and heat/cold therapy at the same time. This extremely versatile compression sleeve can be used in other joints as well.

Best Unloader Brace: Brace Align Osteoarthritis Unloader
As close as you can get to a custom unloader brace at a fraction of the price. Highly adjustable, this unloader will stay in place all day.

Best Knee Support For Elderly (Top 10)

1. ArmaJoint Compression Sleeve


  • Evidence-backed sleeves for arthritis pain.
  • Signature fabric blend for comfort and healing.
  • Can be worn under clothes.
  • Latex-free.


  • Not machine washable

We can say with confidence that this is one of the best knee braces for seniors. Why? Because these sleeves were tested in a study with elderly knee arthritis patients. 

Patients had to wear these sleeves for 6 months, without doing physical therapy or receiving injections during that time. In the end, more than half of them had less knee pain!

ArmaJoint’s knee sleeve has been specifically designed to help reduce pain, inflammation and increase blood flow. They are perfect for everyday use and come at a very affordable price.

The material is soft and flexible. You will be able to have free range of your knee without hyperextending it. Anyone can put the ArmaJoint knee sleeve on with ease.

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Size options: S, M, L, XL.
Color options: Black

Who this sleeve is for

This is for anyone with mild to moderate osteoarthritis. But, the technology can also help in other types of joint pain, like rheumatoid arthritis.

Who this sleeve isn’t for

This sleeve isn’t appropriate for severe instability. There are better options below.

2. MyCocoon Hot and Cold Compression Knee Sleeve


  • Knee compression AND hot/cold therapy.
  • Use on other joints.
  • Stays in place.
  • Insanely comfortable.


  • Pricier than average.
  • Only in black.

MyCocoons are some of the most versatile compression sleeves we’ve seen so far.

This is because they combine the soothing compression of sleeves with the pain benefits of hot/cool therapy in one place. No other brace on the market is like this.

They’re also extremely easy to use. Put them in the fridge for ice therapy, or in the microwave for heat therapy. Less knee pain and less hassle!

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Comfort and Stability

MyCocoons are made of lycra. One this soft fabric provides even compression on your knee circumference to reduce pain and swelling. And, two, it also gets you a comfortable fit.

But, to us, their best feature is their hydrogel. It’s leak-proof and retains hot or cold temperatures. You can forget about pierced cold packs, the wet mess of melting ice, or uncomfortable heat pads.

Size options: S, M, L.
Color options: Black.

Durability and Quality

MyCocoons are designed to last. Their double-stitched lycra is resistant to use and their hydrogel filling won’t leak.

Who this sleeve is for

The cold and compression from MyCocoons can reduce swelling in acute or chronic joint issues. And the heat can help you prevent knee injuries.

Who this sleeve isn’t for

If your priority is having other features, like hinges for advanced knee support this might not be the best brace.

3. Brace Align Osteoarthritis Unloader


  • Like a custom unloader at a fraction of the price.
  • Adjustable condyle pad.
  • Free range of movement
  • Sturdy and stays in place.


  • Best set up by a physical therapist.
  • Bulky.

The Brace Align is as close as you can get to custom unloader knee braces at a fraction of the price.

What makes this brace unique is that the condyle pad – the side part that decompresses the joint – is highly customizable.

Comfort and Stability

It includes tools to adjust the pad, so it pushes or pulls your joint for individual pain relief.

Yet, it can be hard to figure out the best position of the pad on your own. It may be good to go to a physio so they can set that up for you.

However, once that’s set up, pain relief is almost guaranteed.

This unloader also has four adjustable straps to secure it. Each one has a non-slip fabric to keep the brace in place all day.

Size options: One size only, up to a 30” thigh. Left or right knee.

Color options: Black

Durability and Quality

The frame is very sturdy. Velcro straps tend to wear off over time, though.

Who this knee brace is for

People with unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis or meniscus tears looking for affordable options.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

Not the best brace if you have general knee instability. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend playing sports or running with this brace.

4. PentagonFit Knee Compression Sleeve


  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Wear it under clothes.
  • Freedom of range of motion.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Best hand-washed.
  • Closed-kneecap design.

These are some of the best knee braces we’ve seen for everyday wear. They were designed by a team of pain specialists.

The team made sure the sleeves were comfortable and compressive enough to let you do your daily tasks without limiting your range of motion.

Comfort and Stability

Their slip-on design makes them easy to put on and take off.

Its high-quality materials make it so comfortable, you’ll forget you have it on. It’s moisture-wicking, breathable, and has an anti-slip bar that will keep it in place.

Also, it’s thin enough that you can wear it under your clothes. It’s neoprene and latex-free as well, making it a great option for people with skin sensitivity.

In summary, it’s a durable sleeve at an affordable price.

Size options: M, L, XL, XXL.

Color options: Black, red, blue.

Durability and Quality

These sleeves are 3D woven, making them highly durable and resistant to use. But, they’re best washed by hand. Machine-washing them can compromise their elasticity.

Who this knee sleeve is for

This is best for managing mild knee pain on a daily basis without a huge financial investment.

Who this knee sleeve isn’t for

It might not be your choice if you need straps, hinges, patella stabilizers, or other features for your daily tasks.

5. Shock Doctor 875 Hinged Knee Brace


  • Extreme stability.
  • Free range of motion.
  • Fabric molds to your knee shape.
  • Removable hinges.


  • Can feel very tight at first.
  • Bulky.

Hinged braces provide great stability. Shock Doctor 875 takes this to the next level with its adjustable straps for advanced knee support and fabric that molds to your skin.

Comfort and Stability

This sturdy hinged brace has a strong fastener system for maximum support. Once the fabric breaks in, it will keep your injured knee secure all day.

You can remove the hinges if you don’t need them. Its open patella design can reduce pain around the knee cap as well.

This is a well-rounded knee brace that will adapt to you and your needs.

Size options: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Color options: Black

Durability and Quality

The fabric molds to your knee shape, so it’s meant for the long run. Follow the washing instructions to prolong its life.

Who this hinged brace is for

For people with moderate to severe instability or advanced osteoarthritis.

Who this hinged brace isn’t for

Mild instability or people without kneecap-related pain.

6. Z1 K2 Hinged Knee Brace


  • An almost customized hinged brace.
  • Great value for money.
  • Provides excellent support.
  • Stays in place.


  • Bulky.
  • Takes some time to put it on properly.

This brand offers so many sizing options (23!), one could say it’s almost like a custom hinged brace. We’re sure you’ll find your perfect fit.

Comfort and Stability

The stainless steel and plastic frame provide much-needed support for a highly unstable knee. And although bulky, this knee brace is incredibly lightweight. Perfect for daily use.

Its heavy-duty bilateral hinges support your knee with neoprene liners for the best grip you can get. Once it’s on, this knee brace won’t shift.

It’s also flexible enough to allow full range of motion on the knee area.

One thing we noticed is that the condyle pads aren’t adjustable, like with Brace Align. You can change the pressure points by wearing a thin sleeve under the Z1, though.

Size options: 23 sizes, depending on your thigh and calf size.

Color options: Orange.

Durability and Quality

The frame and straps are durable, but not as a custom-made brace.

Who this hinged brace is for

The Z1 K2 hinged knee brace is best for someone with knee instability. It can also be used to prevent further damage from arthritis – like a ligament or meniscus injury.

Who this hinged brace isn’t for

Not the best option after knee surgery. But, it may be a good choice in a more advanced recovery stage.

7. NEENCA Professional Knee Brace


  • Benefits of both sleeves and hinged braces
  • Average price.
  • Easy to take on and off.
  • Patella pad to reduce pressure on the kneecap.


  • Hinges aren’t removable.
  • Closed-kneecap design.

If you need a little bit of everything for your knee joint, choose this knee brace.

The NEENCA is a multitasker. It’s a knee sleeve with hinges and a patellar pad. It will provide support, relieve pressure on the kneecap, and give overall pain relief.

Comfort and Stability

It has two hinges – one on each side- that keep your knee stable. Yet, they don’t restrict your range of motion. You’ll be able to do whatever you want with this knee brace on.

The patellar pad is a silicone ring that surrounds the kneecap, relieving pressure there. This is ideal for reducing anterior knee pain, like arthritis or chondromalacia.

Size options: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

Color options: Black, blue, gray, pink, beige.

Durability and Quality

Its fabric is 3D woven, making it lightweight and more durable than other sleeves. It’s best to hand-wash it to protect the silicone strips.

Who this knee brace is for

For people in the first stages of arthritis. Also, for people with anterior knee pain or mild pain on the knee in general.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

Not the best knee brace for sensitive skins – the silicone can be aggressive.

8. TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support


  • Perfect for thick legs.
  • Customize the compression level.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Can wear under clothes.


  • Can be aggressive for sensitive skins.
  • Takes some time to put on.

This wraparound brace lets you customize the level of compression you want. Its open patella design will relieve pressure on your kneecap and keep it in place!

Comfort and Stability

What makes this brace unique is its three alternating straps. They provide adjustable compression, so you get stable pressure all around the knee joint.

We thought the middle strap would pinch the backside of the knee, but it doesn’t. It’s extremely comfortable to wear. The neoprene material keeps the joint warm and has a soft feel.

For extra support, the brace has coil side stabilizers. These are amazing for shock absorption as well – this is key for preventing knee injuries in a worn knee.

Size options: M, L, XL, 2XL.

Color options: Black

Durability and Quality

Neoprene is a resistant fabric that will last a long time without losing shape. The brace in general is very well-constructed, with high-quality velcro.

Who this knee brace is for

To relieve pain in or around the kneecap. Also, to prevent further damage to an already injured knee.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

It takes a while to put it on. This isn’t the best brace if you don’t have the patience, or want something easier to wear. In that case, the NEENCA may be a better option for you.

9. Superior Braces OA Unloader Knee Brace


  • Lightweight.
  • Change the angle of the condyle pad.
  • A fraction of the cost of custom unloader knee braces.


  • One-size knee brace.
  • Hard to adjust on your own.
  • The frame is a bit flimsy.

This is another unloader option, perfect for relieving arthritis pain on one side of the knee.

Comfort and Stability

This knee brace has a plastic frame that provides 3 points of leverage. This will reduce the pressure on the knee injury, thus relieving pain.

The brace includes inserts to customize the angle for the condyle pad. This is key for adjusting the knee brace to your needs.

But, as with the Brace Align, it can take some time and patience to get it right. It may be best to go to a physio so they set this up for you.

Size options: Universal size. Left or right knee.

Color options: Grey.

Durability and Quality

The straps are comfortable and interchangeable. The frame can be a little flimsy, though.

Who this knee brace is for

If you have arthritis pain on the outer or inner side of your knee. Also, to aid in the recovery process of a meniscus injury.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

If you also have a ligament injury or kneecap-related pain. If that’s you, check the hinged knee braces or open-kneecap designs in this list.

10. DonJoy Performance WEBTECH Knee Support Brace


  • Silicone mesh contours your knee shape.
  • Patella stabilizer.
  • Knee sleeve included.
  • Unique design.
  • Extremely flexible to allow both support and comfort.


  • Best wear it with the sleeve to avoid chafing.
  • Runs small.
  • Low-quality velcro.

This is one of the most innovative knee braces we’ve seen.

The unique silicone design contours to your knee shape, while keeping your kneecap in place thanks to its patellar hole. The sleeve included, adds compression and comfort for managing arthritis pain.

It will provide maximum support during sports.

Comfort and Stability

The silicone WebTech isn’t only comfortable and lightweight – it also has shock-absorbing qualities. It will decrease the impact on the knee joint, which in turn can reduce inflammation and pain.

If that wasn’t enough, it has side stabilizers. They can protect your knee joint from shifting to the sides, preventing injuries.

The only thing is that it should be worn with the included sleeve – the silicone can chafe the skin.

Size options: S, M, L, XL.

Color options: Black, slime green.

Durability and Quality

The silicone is insanely durable, but we can’t say the same for the velcro. However, the WebTech design is extremely worth it – we suggest replacing the velcro once it wears off.

Who this knee brace is for

This is a great brace for keeping arthritis pain at bay while playing low-impact sports. It will provide support to the knee joint and the patella.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

Not good for high-impact or running sports – the velcro may pop open frequently.

Factors to consider when choosing the best knee brace for the elderly

Comfort and Stability

The best knee support for elderly has to give freedom of motion without compromising the stability of your knee joints.

Prioritize brands that offer multiple sizes. Straps are a big plus in a moderate or severe knee condition, as they tend to be completely adjustable.

Also, we recommend wearing a knee sleeve under an unloader. These can be uncomfortable and don’t provide compression.

Durability and Quality

Wear and tear is a chronic injury. So, the knee brace should be as durable as possible.

Choose a knee sleeve made of resistant fabrics to manage the swelling from arthritis. Or a sturdy frame and heavy-duty materials in a hinged/unloader brace.

Value for Money

As good as these knee braces are, the truth is that they won’t fit as well as a custom-made one.

With that said, the knee supports in this list will fit different budgets and help in different scenarios. We’re confident you’ll find one that fits your needs.


Now you know what to look for in the best knee support for elderly. The right knee brace will help you with knee pain and make things infinitely easier for you!