Are you looking for the best knee support for weightlifting?

Weightlifting can become quite troublesome for your knee, especially if your technique is not perfect.

The different positions your body goes through during workouts can test your knee and lead to injuries that can hinder your performance or bar you from certain exercises for life.

A brace might help reduce pain by shifting your weight off the most damaged portion of your knee. 1 Mayo Clinic

Knee sleeves help to support your knee while lifting and distrubute the weight evenly. This helps in decreasing tension in the knee.

We review the best weightlifting knee sleeves and give you the pros / cons of each one in the below section.


Best Knee Braces Overall
Best Knee Brace For Patellar Tendonitis
Best Knee Braces for Torn ACL



#1 EXOUS Knee Brace Support Protector

The most popular knee sleeve, worn by powerlifters and weightlifters. 

#2 Rehband 7051 Knee Sleeve

All star knee sleeve, made under medical supervision and by using German technology.

#3 iDoFit Knee Sleeve 

iDoFit Knee Sleeve gives an excellent support to your knee without being overly expensive.

Top 7 Best Knee Support For Weightlifting Comparison 

1. EXOUS Knee Brace Support Protector

Exous makes one of the best knee support for weightlifting.

Its Performance Neoprene Knee Support with Lateral Stabilization is a popular choice amongst gym goers and CrossFit trainers. The knee brace is really going to improve your performance, especially when it comes to doing powerful bursts of squats or deadlifts.

The key thing about this particular knee support is it’s got a 4-way compression system so it can actually give you good support above and below the kneecap.

The 4-way strap design gives you a critical gap at the back of the knee, which allows you to actually carry out full movements, without any kind of restrictions.

The other key thing is that the design is perfect for anyone that wants to have some additional support and lateral stabilization for weight lifting, even if you have big thighs or calves.

Comfort and Stability
Exous has designed this knee brace from ground up with comfort in mind.

You can wear the brace on for long hours and do any kind of workout, without feeling any irritation or pinching.

Durability and Quality
Since it is made with weightlifting in mind, the knee brace is quite durable and has heavy duty Velcro straps for a long term support.

Cost and Value
For the price you pay, you do get a product that is fully featured and is proven to perform.

How to Wear Exous Knee Support

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Amazon’s choice
  • 4 way compression
  • Immediate improvement in mobility
  • 360 wrap effect
  • Real functional support
  • All day comfort
  • Money back guarantee

2. Rehband 7051 Knee Sleeves

Next we’re reviewing the 7051 knee sleeve made by Rehband.

These are very good knee sleeves and are designed to provide warmth and compression. You will get a better blood flow and reduce swelling in your knees with these sleeves on.

A better blood flow to your muscles will also help in strengthening them and allowing them to grow faster. You are going to notice the difference in your lifting performance from the first use of the Rehband knee sleeves – your knees will feel great and have no pain.

These sleeves are highly recommend for advanced lifters, who cannot risk to invest in a poor choice of knee sleeves and get injured badly during the lifting sessions.

Comfort and Stability
Made from 7mm neoprene fabric, these knee sleeves will provide outstanding stability to your knees. These have been designed by a healthcare company and are very comfortable to wear.

Durability and Quality
The knee braces are of high quality and have been approved by IWF as well as IPF.

Rehband 7051 Knee Sleeves

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • High quality neoprene fabric
  • Anatomical shape
  • Perfect fit
  • Allows you to achieve more
  • Heat therapy
  • IPW / IWF approved
  • Designed in Sweden and made in Estonia
  • Certified by professional weight lifters

3. iDofit Knee Sleeves Support & Compression

There is only one knee sleeve in each order you receive so make sure to order two, if you need a pair.

These are made of five millimeter neoprene material, with reinforced stitching around the seams to account for the strain and stress of stretching while lifting.

This sleeve will help support your knee while weight training to avoid injury, increase performance and alleviate muscle and joint pain.

The sleeve does provide nice knee support when lifting. It’s durable and comfortable to wear.

One thing to note is that if you sweat a lot and have a tight fit, it can be a little difficult to take off. If you do sweat on your knee sleeve, the sleeve is hand washable in warm soapy water and it dries quickly.

Comfort and Stability
Being one of the best knee support for weightlifting, this product is very comfortable. The anti-slip feature prevents it from slipping, which means your knee will have stable compression throughout the session.

Durability and Quality
The company claims that this is the last knee sleeve you will ever need. A big reason behind this is that this sleeve will never come apart under the stress of weightlifting or due to sweating.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Absorbs a little sweat

4. Iron Bull Strength Knee Sleeves

Iron Bull is a popular brand in the world of weightlifting and powerlifting.

It has introduced these really effective knee sleeves. Amazon lists them as its choice for one of the best knee support for weightlifting. They’re really thick, which helps them work great as a rebound sleeve.

Since they’re longer, they will not only support your knee but also give some stability to your quads and calves. When wearing it, your leg muscles will feel nice and warm, with a better blood flow to them.

There is actually a right sleeve and I left sleeve due to the angular design of the seam. There’s no binding behind the knee cap like there is with some other sleeves and this truly lets you carry out dynamic movements without any limitations.

Comfort and Stability
The high quality flex-material used for designing allows you to wear it with no punching or irritation. There are double silicone grip strips to prevent slipping.

Durability and Quality
Made to last, these knee braces are very durable and will offer extreme support.

Iron Bull Knee Sleeves Review

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Premium quality
  • Anti-slip
  • 3D knee support design
  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • Prevents injury and promotes muscle strength
  • Improves performance
  • Multiple sizing
  • Multiple colorways
  • Warranty

5. Ironside Knee Sleeves

Our last product on this list is from Ironside. These knee sleeves are an excellent choice for budget users who want the most for the money.

The knee sleeves come as a pair and are made from super strong neoprene. This allows them to provide great compression to your knees and prevent any stress buildup.

The latter is especially important when you are doing squats. With these knee sleeves on, you are definitely going to notice an improvement in your performance.

The knee sleeves will also warm your muscles and allow better blood circulation that further enhances your performance.

Comfort and Stability
Using a special soft knit fabric, this pair of knee sleeves give a guaranteed performance while maintaining utmost comfort.

Durability and Quality
Being an Amazon Choice product, you know you can trust the durability of this product.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Bulky

6. Knee Sleeves 7mm Compression & Support

Give your knees the comfort and support they deserve with one of the best knee brace for weightlifting: RipToned compression knee sleeves.

These sleeves are designed with you in mind for maximum support, joint protection and injury relief. They provide optimal compression support and warmth during any vigorous activity.

They limit patella movement, protect the knee joint, reduce impact forces, aid in the recovery process for optimal performance and provide maximum comfort. They’re ideal for those in recuperating stages of a knee injury and need that extra support and endurance.

The knee sleeves reduce pain and swelling to assure exceptional relief from discomfort, whether you’re looking for extra knee support for greater performance or encourage healing from an injury.

The knee sleeves provide the right balance and lateral stability to achieve your goals in the gym.

Comfort and Stability
The RipToned sleeves provide 7 millimeter compression neoprene support for men, women and children. The knee sleeves come with a breathable and odor resistant fabric to promote comfort.

Durability and Quality
The knee braces come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. This is a reflection of the confidence this brand has in its product.

Cost and Value
A pack of 2 knee braces from RipToned will cost you around $22. A fair price for the quality you are getting, in our opinion.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Come with a chemical smell

7. Mcdavid Knee Brace

The McDavid knee sleeve is the perfect pull-on sleeve support for people who have mild knee pain like arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis.

The easy slip on sleeve is durable, as a seamless back knee for comfort and the exclusive 5 needle stitch for a flatter cleaner and stronger seam.

The knee sleeve’s compression can be adjusted to your comfort through the two provided Velcro straps. The knee patella is open so that you can have no restriction in your movement.

It comes in multiple sizes and is great for weightlifting, wrestling and other sports.

Comfort and Stability
The knee sleeve comes with padded support that gives you utmost comfort. The Velcro straps keep it in position and allow it to provide stable compression.

Durability and Quality
This is made with nylon fabric and spring stabilizing steel that ensure excellent performance, while maintaining the original shape of the product.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Won’t work for medial/lateral support

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Knee Support for Weightlifting

Comfort and Stability

Your knee brace is only as good as its comfort and stability. If it is not comfortable, you will not want to wear it and would need a replacement. Unless it provides stabile compression, your knee cannot get the required support for safe lifting.  

Durability and Quality

The best knee support for weightlifting has to be durable. Weightlifting is a strenuous activity and the knee brace has to bear the stress and tension to prevent it from affecting your knee. If your knee brace is not of high quality, it will break apart from this stress and tension.

Cost and Value

The cost and value of a knee brace depends on your budget and your requirements. We have listed different products here that can cater to people with varying budgets.



#1 Rehband 7051 Knee Sleeve

All star knee sleeve, made under medical supervision and by using German technology.

#2 EXOUS Knee Brace Support Protector

The most popular knee sleeve, worn by powerlifters and weightlifters. 

#3 iDoFit Knee Sleeve 

iDoFit Knee Sleeve gives an excellent support to your knee without being overly expensive.