The 10 Best Knee Braces for Patellar Tracking Disorder

Written by on November 24, 2021 — Medically Reviewed By Kristopher Cenzia

Our team of physical therapists compiled this list of 11 patellar tracking braces for you!

“Patella tracking disorders” is a general term. We use it if your knee pain starts because your knee cap doesn’t move properly, or slides out of place.

These disorders often happen with other knee injuries. Like patellofemoral pain syndrome or patellar tendonitis.

This means the best knee braces for patellar tracking disorder have to do two things:

  • First, provide adequate support to your kneecap.
  • Second, have other features you might need for reducing your knee pain.

This may be a hinged knee brace for medial and lateral support. Or, a compression sleeve to reduce swelling, thus reducing knee pain.

To save you time researching, we compiled a list of the top 10 patella tracking disorder braces. We’re confident you’ll find one that fits your needs below!

Top Picks

Best Overall: BraceAbility J Patella Knee Brace

It has everything you need from a patellar tracking brace – a removable c-shaped buttress, side stabilizers for extra support, and compression.

Best for Severe Dislocation: BIOSKIN QLok Patella Traction Knee Brace

This keeps every part of your knee stable. The compressive fabric, several customizable straps, and metal hinges give all the stability you need to heal.

Best for Recovery: MyCocoon Hot and Cold Knee Sleeves

The most versatile sleeves we’ve tested – they’re also a hot/cold pack. They were designed to boost your recovery like no other knee brace, regardless of your knee issue.

Best Compression Sleeve: PentagonFit Compression Sleeve

A sleeve that gets you solid and uniform compression is bound to help relieve pain and swelling – and PentagonFit is one of the best to do it.

Top 10 knee braces for patella tracking disorder

1. BraceAbility J Patella Knee Brace


  • Removable and reversible buttress.
  • Slip-up design.
  • Side stabilizers for moderate stability.
  • Effective at reducing swelling.


  • Bulky.
  • Not for sports.

This pull-on, patella tracking disorder brace is a multitasker.

Its open patella design and reversible buttress support your kneecap, while two straps secure the brace to the thigh bone and shin bone.

If that wasn’t enough, its side stabilizers provide additional support.

Comfort and Stability

This neoprene fabric has a snug fit, it’s like having a compression sleeve. Perfect for reducing swelling.

The side supports provide moderate stability. They’re flexible enough to allow a full range of movement without digging into the skin.

We love the removable C-buttress as well. Take it off and enjoy a hinged brace to move forward into your recovery process!

Size options: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.

Color options: Black.

Durability and Quality

Neoprene is a resistant material that withstands constant use. The velcro in this brace is particularly durable.

Who this knee brace is for

Daily management of almost any patella tracking issue – like patellar subluxation, patellofemoral pain syndrome, knee arthritis, jumper’s knee, or even a mild traumatic injury.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

Not the best knee brace to play sports. It may slip down after constant knee bending.

2. BIOSKIN QLok Patella Traction Knee Brace


  • Extreme stabilization.
  • Latex and neoprene-free.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Customizable strapping system.


  • Expensive.
  • Takes time to put on.

The unique design of this brace makes it perfect for severe lateral dislocations. Also, for chronic knee instability.

Comfort and Stability

This brace has a C-shaped support for the patella. It reduces pressure on your kneecap and keeps it in place, providing pain relief.

Also, the two dual-axis hinges work by giving ample support to the ligaments. Thus, reducing the risk of further injury.

Finally, its compressive fabric will help reduce inflammation while being breathable and hypoallergenic.

Rest assured, every part of your knee joint will be stable and in place with this knee brace.

Size options: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Color options: Black.

Durability and Quality

Its fabric is made to last. The metal hinges are as durable as they come.

Who this knee brace is for

We recommend this brace for a severe patellar tracking issue or chronic knee instability. Also, for recovering from a moderate kneecap and/or ligament injury.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

Not for athletic activity. It’s bulky and it can pinch behind the knee with constant movement.

3. MyCocoon Hot and Cold Knee Sleeve


  • 360° compression.
  • Hot/cold therapy in one place.
  • Use it in other joints.
  • Promotes recovery.
  • Reduces swelling, stiffness, and pain.


  • Doesn’t provide kneecap support.

Honestly, patella tracking disorders are hard to recover from. You’ll need something to enhance your healing process.

Enter MyCocoons. These are the best pain-relieving, swelling-reducing sleeves we’ve tested so far.

Comfort and Stability

Although they won’t keep your kneecap in place, MyCocoons were made to promote joint healing, regardless of your joint problem.

Their hydrogel filling retains both hot and cold temperatures. Throw them in the fridge or the microwave and that’s it.

MyCocoons will enhance your recovery through every step of the process. Plus, they’re insanely comfortable, stay in place, and don’t bunch up behind your knees. 

Size options: S, M, L. MyCocoons can also be worn on other joints. 

Color options: Black.

Durability and Quality

This is just one of the things we love most about MyCocoons. Their lycra stitching is extremely durable and the hydrogel is leak-proof.

Who this knee sleeve is for

MyCocoons can boost recovery in most knee issues, including arthritis, patellar tendonitis, and of course, patellar tracking disorder.

Who this knee sleeve isn’t for

MyCocoons won’t prevent a patellar subluxation, so if you think you’re at risk, this probably might not be the best option. 

MyCocoons are the best sleeves for recovery. Try them! Here’s a coupon code to save 15% on your Cocoons:


4. PentagonFit Knee Joint Sleeve


  • Available in several sizes and colors.
  • Freedom of range of motion.
  • Wear it under clothes.
  • Latex-free.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Doesn’t provide much support.

We recommend having a sleeve to aid the recovery process of any knee injury. Their compression can reduce pain and inflammation effectively.

And, PentagonFit is our go-to for affordable, high-quality sleeves.

Comfort and Stability

The PentagonFit is a latex-free neoprene sleeve. It’s so comfortable you can wear it all day and forget you have it on.

The compression also provides a sense of stability and security. This is ideal for someone in the final stages of recovery from a patella-tracking injury.

And last but not least, it’s thin enough to wear under your clothes.

Size options: M, L, XL, XXL.

Color options: Black, red, blue.

Durability and Quality

Their fabric is 3D woven, meaning they’re more durable than other fabrics. But, they should be hand-washed to protect their elasticity.

Who this brace is for

This is a general-use sleeve. You may feel less pain and swelling after wearing it, regardless of your knee injury.

Who this brace isn’t for

It doesn’t have side springs or a kneecap hole, so it’s not the best for stability issues.

5. Incrediwear Knee Sleeve


  • Evidence-backed sleeves.
  • Signature fabric blend for comfort and healing.
  • Can be worn under clothes
  • Latex-free.
  • More durable than average.


  • Pricey.
  • Won’t prevent patellar subluxation.

Having a patellar tracking disorder can increase your risk of knee injuries. But Incrediwear sleeves can help you prevent them, as shown in several studies.

One study showed these sleeves increased recovery by 46%. Another showed they reduced the risk of lower leg injury in soccer players by 67%.

Researchers noticed this is mostly due to their fabric blend.

Comfort and Stability

Apart from being insanely comfortable, it’s embedded with germanium.

When this element is stimulated by body heat, it increases local blood flow. This reduces swelling and promotes tissue repair, thus promoting recovery.

Wear it an hour before and after your exercise program for optimal results. 

Size options: M, L, XL, XXL.

Color options: Grey, black.

Durability and Quality

The 3D woven fabric combined with germanium makes this sleeve more durable than average.

Who this brace is for

This will work great for you if you’re an athlete or if you’re recovering from a knee injury because it boosts your healing process and reduces the risk of re-injury.

Who this brace isn’t for

It doesn’t provide kneecap or lateral support, so it might be better to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a knee sleeve that offers more stability. 

Incrediwear sleeves can reduce your risk of reinjury. Use our 20% discount code when you buy 2 knee sleeves:

CODE: knee20

6. Bracoo Adjustable Compression Knee Patellar Tendon Support Brace


  • Easy to put on.
  • Sturdy.
  • Comfortable and good fit.
  • Can wear under clothes.
  • Affordable.


  • Takes patience to put on.
  • Bunches up after a while.

This budget-friendly wraparound knee brace is best for patella-related knee issues only.

The kneecap hole and gel pad keep your patella from slipping out of place. Customize the level of compression with the straps, and you’ll be ready to go.

Comfort and Stability

This open patella support is made of neoprene. This heavy-duty fabric can provide support, relieve pain, and is sweat-resistant.

The knee cap hole is surrounded by a gel pad, so the patella sits there without the risk of moving out of place. This design also makes for improved airflow as neoprene accumulates heat easily.

Size options: One size, from 12.5″ to 18″ in circumference.

Color options: Black, grey, pink.

Durability and Quality

The manufacturer recommends hand washing and air drying only to prolong its life.

Who this knee brace is for

For people wanting to remain active despite mild knee problems.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

Not for moderate instability or ligament issues as it doesn’t have hinges or side stabilizers.

7. Bodyprox Knee Brace with Side Stabilizers & Patella Gel Pad


Freedom of range of motion.Lightweight brace.Comfortable.Great for exercising.Affordable.


  • Takes time to put on.
  • Velcro wears off.

A brace for active people with patellar tracking issues or other knee problems. Like patellar tendonitis or IT band syndrome.

Comfort and Stability

The neoprene and latex-free fabric reduce the risk of skin irritation and it’s extremely breathable. It doesn’t restrict movement either, so it’s ideal for playing sports.

The kneecap hole also has a gel-pad disc. This can reduce pain and keep the kneecap in place, regardless of how much your leg bends.

Each side spring stabilizer acts as a stabilizer and shock absorber, reducing the impact in your joint to promote healing.

Finally, the criss-cross velcro straps add support to the tendon and the joint in general. Use them to control swelling or increase stability.

Size options: One size, XL.

Color options: Black.

Durability and Quality

The lightweight fabric is durable and can stand frequent use. The velcro straps tend to wear off over time, though.

Who this knee brace is for

For active people wanting to treat or prevent lateral tracking issues or other knee joint problems.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

Not for moderate/severe stability problems.

8. DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Support Brace with Compression Undersleeve


  • Includes latex and neoprene-free sleeves.
  • Shock absorber design.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Reputable brand.
  • Freedom of range of motion.


  • Size chart issues for some people.
  • Flimsy.

The unique design of this Donjoy knee brace can reduce stress on the knee joint. It works like a shock absorber and keeps your kneecap in place.

Comfort and Stability

This lightweight knee brace is made of silicone. The design contours to your knee shape easily while also being extremely breathable. It also has side hinges for added support.

You should wear it with the included undersleeve, though. The silicone may irritate your skin otherwise.

Size options: XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL, 3XL.

Color options: Blue, grey, pink, red.

Durability and Quality

Although silicone is a durable material, the velcro wears off with time. However, you can replace it once it wears off.

Avoid pulling it up through the webbing to prolong the life of the knee brace.

Who this hinged knee brace is for

Great brace for mild physical activities and non-contact sports. It’s comfortable enough for wearing daily as well.

Who this hinged knee brace isn’t for

Not for severe kneecap tracking issues.

9. BraceAbility Short Patellar Tracking Knee Brace


  • Minimalistic.
  • Reversible buttress.
  • Freedom of range of motion.
  • Low-profile.
  • Available for plus sizes.


  • Not for long periods.

This is one of the smallest patellar tracking braces we’ve seen at only 6 inches. And, ironically, it’s available in plus sizes.

Comfort and Stability

Its minimalistic design provides great support for the kneecap. The fabric is more breathable than neoprene and the patellar hole increases airflow.

We loved the reversible c-shaped buttress too. This lets you customize for medial or lateral knee instability.

The brace is closed on the back. This increases the compression for swelling management but can irritate the skin if you use it all day.

Finally, one thing we missed is a silicone strip. The brace tends to slip down if worn for a long period.

Size options: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.

Color options: Black.

Durability and Quality

The fabric is resistant to sweat and constant use. It also withstands washing without losing elasticity.

Who this knee brace is for

It keeps the kneecap stable without bulkiness. It’s a fine choice for exercising with a mild or moderate patellar tracking injury.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

It’s not the best for all-day use. It slips down every so often and it can irritate the back of your knees. 

10. IPOW 2 Pack Patella Stabilizer Knee Strap


  • Tendon pain relief.
  • Comfortable padding.
  • Stays in place. 
  • Great price.
  • Fits over or under clothes.


  • Stretches over time.
  • No cushioning behind the knee.

This is a 2-pack knee strap. It works by applying pressure on the patellar tendon, which in turn improves patellar tracking.

It’s one of the most budget-friendly options on this list.

Comfort and Stability

This strap can’t be easier to put on – wrap it below the kneecap and that’s it. Although simple, this can help keep the kneecap in place in patellar tendon injuries.

The padding is soft, comfortable, and stays in place. This makes it a great brace for protecting your knee while working out.

Make sure to put it on properly. The velcro doesn’t have cushioning and it can pinch behind the knee otherwise.

Size options: One size. From 10 to 18″ in circumference.

Color options: Black, pink, white.

Durability and Quality

The velcro is strong enough to resist constant use. The strap itself may stretch over time, though.

Who this knee brace is for

Best knee brace for patellar tendon-related issues. Like runner’s knee or jumper’s knee. It can help in tracking issues related to patellofemoral pain syndrome as well.

Who this knee brace isn’t for

Not for moderate or severe lateral dislocations.

Factors to consider when choosing the best knee brace for a patella tracking disorder

Comfort and Stability

First, consider the severity of your patella tracking disorder.

If the injury is fresh or severe, you may need a brace with straps that keep the kneecap in place. Bulky braces can be a little uncomfortable but they can feel better with a thin sleeve underneath.

Mild or moderate injuries can get by with a hinged knee sleeve with a gel pad. These are more comfortable but provide less support.

Durability and Quality

Most knee braces for kneecap tracking issues are durable. This is because these disorders take a while to heal.

Depending on your symptoms, you may need to wear the brace most of the day. If that’s you, prioritize durable materials so it withstands frequent use.

Value for Money

The knee braces in this list fit a wide variety of budgets. You can also take advantage of our discount codes to have high-quality knee braces at a fraction of the price.


As you can see, the top patella tracking braces vary widely.

Some have hinges and straps to keep every part of your joint stable. Others are minimalistic and work well under tough circumstances, like intense workouts or long days.

The goal is to have a brace that will provide pain relief while aiding your individual healing process. There’s a huge variety of braces – we’re sure you’ll find the best one for you.

We hope you have a speedy recovery!